Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lovelace abducting Clarissa

Here is an illustration, by the painter Louis Edouard Dubufe from 1867, of a famous scene from my "Clarissa," in which the vile Libertine tricks Clarissa into flying her family's house with him.

Thus terrified, I was got out of sight of the door in a very few minutes: and then, although quite breathless between running and apprehension, he put my arm under his, his drawn sword in the other hand, and hurried me on still faster: my voice, however, contradicting my action; crying, no, no, no, all the while; straining my neck to look back, as long as the walls of the garden and park were within sight, and till he brought me to the chariot: where, attending, were two armed servants of his own, and two of Lord M.'s on horseback.

Lovelace abducting Clarissa

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