Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded

I thought it became me to give you further evidence of my genius in the art of scribbling. So, accordingly, I include here a quotation from my novel "Pamela," which I wrote and published in 1740---and wherein I thus describe a most violent meeting between my noble heroine, Miss Pamela Andrews, and her vile seducer, Mr.B.

So I looked into the Closets, and kneeled down in my own, as I used to do, to say my Prayers; and this with my under Cloaths in my Hand, all undrest, and passed by the poor sleeping Wench, as I thought, in my Return. But Oh! little did I think, it was my wicked wicked Master in a Gown and Petticoat of hers, and her Apron over his Face and Shoulders. What Meannesses will not Lucifermake his Votaries stoop to, to gain their abominable Ends!

Shocking, is it not? To provide visual evidence of my genius I include a painting of this exact scene done by Mr.Joseph Highmore in 1743-44. The honorable Mr.Highmore created 12 other splendid illustrations of my book. The pursy, fat thing in the picture lying in bed is Mrs.Jewkes, a wretched agent in Mr.B.'s schemes to seduce Pamela.

Pamela in the Bedroom with Mrs Jewkes and Mr B.

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