Tuesday, September 18, 2012

But for this scribbling vein, or I should still run mad

I am Samuel Richardson, Esquire. You will be pleased to call me Mr.Richardson---This is my first attempt in the 21st century at scribbling. I am extremely honored to be introducing myself to the gentle peoplethat may be reading these scribblings. 

In these scribbling I shall be entertaining my gentle audience with numerous accounts of my story, and beinstructing my audience with lessons and examples drawn from my complicated brain. It is my particular purpose to provide instruction and entertainment to virtuous young women, to give them guidance on how they may retain their purity and honesty when vile libertines and free livers make attempts upon their honor.

My internet helper monkey is a Russian fellow by the name of Mr.Eugene Slepov. He's been responsible for familiarizing me with this new method of communication. 

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