Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pamela Planning to Escape from Mrs.Jewkes

Dear readers, consider the following picture that I present here for your amusement and instruction. It is a scene from my "Pamela," as drawn by the honorable Mr.Joseph Highmore. It depicts my heroine Pamela confined inside her master, Mr. B's, estate. She is inside the garden, being supervised by her keeper Mrs.Jewkes (the pursy fat thing tending the garden) who seems unsuspicious of the fact that Pamela and Pastor Williams are scheming a way for Pamela to pass letters to him by hiding them under yonder sunflower, and then to be secretly picked-up by him.

Let that be advice to you, ladies---for whenever you find yourself in a similar situation, being held captive by some vile wretch, make sure that you be not so over scrupulous that you refuse to plan for some contrivance in order to do you justice, like Pamela is doing with Mr.Williams in the picture. Just find someone like Pastor Williams to lend you a hand.

However, it may also befall, as it occurred with Pastor Williams, that your agent in the contrivance may also fall in love with you. For by granting him the honor of helping you, you do become greatly indebted to him, and which you can only repay, as he might think, by marrying him. Therefore if you don't desire to marry your agent, make sure that he understands that you have no intention to marry the wretch that captured you, and that, in fact, you desire to remain single the rest of your life.

Mr. Williams came to see us, and took a walk with us once; and while her back was just turned, (encouraged by the hint he had before given me,) I said, Sir, I see two tiles upon that parsley-bed; might not one cover them with mould, with a note between them, on occasion?—A good hint, said he; let that sunflower by the back-door of the garden be the place; I have a key to the door; for it is my nearest way to the town.

Pamela Planning to Escape from Mrs.Jewkes

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