Monday, January 14, 2013

Jackson's Oxford Journal, June 24, 1769

Allow me to introduce my dear Readers to Jackson's Oxford Journal, a fine publication; one of the longest lasting 18th century newspapers from Oxford, having started in 1753, and remained in operation until 1898. 
On Saturday, June 24, 1769, as you will be pleased to remember, the British inhabitants of Corsica, rising against the invading French, were o'errun by that despicable army. This led to the eventual French takeover of the Island. This even would later become known as The Corsican Crisis. 

Here you have reproduced the Newspaper article relating that Offensive.

Here is a section titled Wonderful Intelligence, from the same day's Newspaper, relating a story of an ingenious School-Master in Ireland constructing an enormous wooden Hobby-Horse outside Corke, to the stupefaction of his fellow Irishmen.

And here is related news from Constantinople; wherein the Grand Vizir's attempt to introduce modern military methods (Prussian Exercises) to the Janissaries, for which purpose French assistance was solicited, was greeted by His Highness's Officers with less than hearty cheers. 

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