Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clarissa, sixth edition, 1768

If any reader ask me for proof of the superiority of traditional books over some electronic reading device, I here post evidence satisfying this request. I hope, in presenting these images, that the notion is made perfectly clear to any intelligent adult---that is, of the odious nature of all virtual print technologies, as they are called by the vulgar, as compared to the old reading practices.

Observe the character of the Caslon typeface letters in the images below, notice their lively airs, their roguish disorderliness; betokening the presence of some animating spirit behind the text. Do not the letters look like a flock of birds perching upon a clothes-line? How any electronic bauble can compete against the classik novels, this is beyond me. Unfortunately, the modern reader nowadays has no access to these sort of impressions at all, as the book pages from which he reads already resemble, in many ways, computer screens. So it makes no difference to the modern reader, one way or another, whether he is reading Caslon font or engorging himself upon data.   

Here you have reproductions of a printing of my "Clarissa," from a 1768 edition, this being the sixth edition of my book---

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